Scout Web/SDM

GIS\Solutions, Inc. offers a revolutionary solution to the challenges of developing, accessing and using geospatial data. As a full-spectrum geospatial company, we can meet your reporting and analysis goals while staying within budget constraints. How? Our new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Scout Web and Spatial Data Manager (SDM) solution eliminates the need to invest in expensive traditional GIS software. Our Scout Web/SDM solution reduces the need for associated high-end computer hardware. Our support services alleviate the work load for full-time IT and geospatial staff to maintain in-house expertise to operate, modify and maintain traditional GIS systems.

The Scout Web and SDM 'mash-up' model provides cutting-edge solutions with 'front office' control. Our innovative approach allows us to respond quickly to your traditional GIS needs and mobile device data collection.

What is the Scout Web?

The Scout Web is an open solution for GIS\Solutions� clients to create custom web mapping applications. With the Scout Web you can host or we can host on our secure server. The Scout Web leverages the technology developed to map and report environmental data using a browser from anywhere, anyplace and anytime. You do all this with the Scout Web out of the box for less money than other commercial software charges for maintenance fees!

The Scout Web is accessed through Microsofts IE 7 and higher browsers. Security is profile driven from the user identification and password. Administrators can design and save "ONE-CLICK SEARCH" queries accounting for site complexity and making correct data selection simple.

Once data has been selected, users have the option to print reports, graph, and map data. The standard Scout reporting options including mapping data with compliance regulations. Users have complete control on the use of images to show compliance values on the map and with a click, export data to Excel.

Recognizing that the first Scout Web release was a custom GIS\Key Environmental Database application theme, GIS\Solutions expanded the Scout Web to connect database files, spreadsheets, Access, Shape and KML/KMZ files to the Scout Web mapping service. And what do we get? One feature is the ability to take CAD and move the CAD to the web and link data in minutes.

Once you have CAD on a map, using the Scout Web you can immediately link to CADRipper databases. Click a point, a line, or areea and find a CAD drawing using text search. Take a look at our CADRipper Pro web site for more information

Expect an updated document manager in Fall 2012. How will this work? Select your document hanger like a a point, line, or area. Link a document, folder, or drive. Then, with a click, you can find any file including documents, photograph, voice files, and pdfs from anywhere at anytime.


What is the SDM?

The Spatial Data Manager or SDM is a theme wizard that makes the mapping and database linking work. Using the SDM, you control the line colors, thickness, shading and mouse-over�s by writing simple data rules. With the SDM Technology, you can use the 'Drag and Drop' feature to add files to the map and have the imagery respond to the change in data and attachments. Have anyone drop a photograph on a small blue circle through their browser and the SDM turns the point to a large yellow circle; or red circle if you drop a document and etc.

Once you have published to the web you can use the SDM Technology to �Drag and Drop� files onto any map object. Take a red house image; drop a document, or a voice file or photograph and the image changes to a green house. Or you link your database records to network folders. Change the folder contents and you change the links.