The Scout is the the project(s) manager, the reporting tools, and the administrative tool for your projects. The Scout is designed for both the casual and expert users. Selecting and reporting data from the Scout Reporting Tools is selecting from lists with a mouse. The Scout simplicity lets anyone properly select and report information and make better and faster work products without SQL knowledge. The Scout Reporting Tool language is  keep it simple.

The Scout provides simple and accurate reporting on your desktop. Scout provides the tools to report and analyze hundreds to millions of data pieces from your projects.

Scout Environmental Data

The Scout works on a simple principle. You select a reporting tool and then build a result selection by picking from lists that display available data. You do not guess, you select. For example, if you want to report Water Chemistry data, you begin by picking or selecting sample sites from a water sample list. Then you select dates, tests and finally results. You do not need to be a programmer. You do not need SQL knowledge. The process is simple, consistent, correct and fast.


The Chemistry Reporting Tool exports data to ArcGIS and AutoCAD for isopleths maps. In AutoCAD you automatically draw trilinear piper and stiff diagrams and concentration versus distance diagrams (e.g. distance from a tank). You use the graphing routines for time series analysis and statistics to prepare summary data.


The Geologic Reporting Tool is a rapid way to make structure and isopach maps in ArcGIS and AutoCAD. With AutoCAD’s advanced and automated drawing routines, you can make customizable boring logs, “Smart” geologic cross-sections with geophysics, CPT Data, and interpretive representations with sequence stratigraphy, particle size diagrams, well construction and chemistry in MINUTES. More importantly, you can use your sections for interpretation and make changes to the GIS\Key environmental data module directly from a section. How cool is this!


The Hydrologic Reporting Tool reports water-levels, equivalent fresh-water heads, and sinker and floater maps to ArcGIS and AutoCAD for mapping. With standard chemistry integration, the Scout produces hydrographs with chemical time series, mass-balances and mass-flux graphs.


GIS\Solutions, Inc. has spent hundreds of hours designing 59 fully integrated reports that include options for colors, shading, highlights, and fonts. You do not need Excel or a cross-tab tool. The reporting templates are consistently tested by our clients so you can be assured that correct data is reported. For those clients that need special reports, there is a custom import feature for your report report templates.

Export Builder

The GIS\Key Export is a wizard that allows you to report data to text, Access, DBF, and XLS tables. Once you have designed an Export, you save the export template for reuse.

GIS\Key Reader

The GIS\Key Reader is an environmental data-reporting tool for people working with licensed owners of the GIS\Key Software Suite. The GIS\Key Reader is for anyone that needs to query, browse, and report data but do not own a full GIS\Key Software Suite. Users of the GIS\Key Software Suite export project data to a GISKey Reader file that can be opened with a GIS\Reader.