The Field Assets ToolTM  is a mobile based application that collects asset data and exports SQLite tables, Shape files, KML, CSV, and XML formats. The Field Assets Tool for Apple iOS smart phones has been in use for nearly 4 years. The Field Assets Tool for Android is in beta test and is being readied for release. The Field Assets Tool is readily customizable for field data collection.

GIS\Solutions, Inc. is alpha testing with the Field Assets Database that is to be released with the Field Assets Tool Pro late summer for non-spatial and spatial data. Using email, the Field Assets Database will receive and send Field Asset Files to and from any mobile device. And this is just the beginning.

The Scout Web is scheduled for an update that includes a web service that changes the Scout Web into a server that collects and shares field asset files from any number of smart phones. The Field Asset Pro and the Scout Web are designed to provide real-time crowd sourcing data management and situational assessments using Bing Maps.